Trecento blackchain capital is an all-in-one investment solution that offers services in terms of experience and tools based on backchain technology . The main goal of the platform is to seize the best investment opportunities using blackchain technology, offering its invest the simple and reliable investment platform.

The platform is aimed at solving the problems of high level of complexity in the market,the lack of transparency in operations and lack of a clear regulatory framework, offering an investment approach of 360 degrees. This ensures that users can easily generate profitability while at the same time mitigating the risks associated with investments, investors are provided with a simple and effective investment solution, offered in a safe and well-regulated environment.

The Trecento blackchain capital will lunch 4 investment funds which will be robust enough to incorporate the entirety of blackchain companies. The investment funds will be diversified and will include:

  • ICO Foundation: This fund offers investment in innovative companies that raise funds during a private sale of the company or during an upward flow.
  • Crypto-trading Fund: This fund allows the platform users to trade in crypto-currencies and digital assets.
  • Venture capital fund: This fund provides users with opportunities for equity investment in start-ups that are engaged in the development of destructive blackchain solutions.
  • Fund of Funds: Users can participate in investing in specialized fund, which are very active in cryptothermines and in blackchain companies.


Management fund are managed using smart contracts for direct collection of fund from investors and automatic distribution of  shares of these funds. The buyout of investors’ funds from funds is equally carried out using intellectual contract technology. There is also a real-time calculation of the value of net assets, which is recorded and stored twice a day along the chain. All reports are also registered on a blackchain, which them constantly available and highly transparent.

How does Trecento work?

Investors register on the online platform of trecento blackchain capital and then execute the procedures  of KYC. Then the investor adds his personal ETH- addresses and then fills in the questionnaire on the risk profile for investor. Investors then read ,accept and sign an online intellectual mandate. After checking everything is included in the whitelist. Then investors can send their money to a reasonable contract, under which they can order a ransom at any time when they want.

Advantages of Trecento Blackchain Capital

  • 360-investment strategy; The platform offers a 360-investment approach that allows platform investors to quickly generate revenue by eliminating risks.
  • Transparency; The use of blackchain technology ensures that information about all transactions made on the platform is safe and can be easily accessed by all involved.
  • The Multi-Skilled team; The platform includes a team that has extensive experience in digital investment based on blackchain Platform users are always confident in a true and reliable service. It is thanks to the efforts  developers that  customers of the decentralized platform will be able to use all of its functionality. The developers  hope to attract investors to the project ,who will be able to spend their money on the planned development of the platform. It is already clear that the platform is truly unique and promising with huge opportunities for development. Soon enough, we all be able to determine how well the developers have managed to realize its full potential.

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