The World’s First Self-Sustainable eSports Platform Powered by NEO

ASURA-coin is a new, self-regulated, self-evolving and self-sustaining eSports platform and a community ecosystem. There are five major parts. They are,
1. eSports Betting a tournament live stream
2. Professional Guides
3. Community Match Making
4. Tournament Hosting

By now ASURA-coin has obtained a great place in this market. We can see nowadays online games are always increasing day by day. So ASURA-coin tries to build a good combination within these all and supports to the all members intend to join with them.

ASA coin and ASURA-coin is the currency used on the platform. Here uses of ASA are betting, payments, incentives, forum contribution etc. As well as this is a NEP-5 token which provides a range of functions and utility across the platform. As I feel ASURA-coin always thinks about members. They provide both free-to-use and paid content. Also the platform after multiple avenues to earn tokens by hosting tournaments or contributing content which provides value to the community. ASURA-coin is always developing and searching everything all over the internet about gaming. Here are the four major games which ASURA-COIN considers to be a priority.
1. Counter Strike: Global operation
2. Dota 2
3. King of Glory
4. League of legends
Also more games will be added to the platform.

When talk about the online eSports betting ASURA-coin has developed with reported figures showing huge USD$ 649 million of cash bets being wagered on eSports games in 2016. The system of the transition from eSports betting through cash and wagers, in to a fair and ethical market using digital currency. As well as ASURA-coin gives freedom to gamers make bets and wagers on their favorite teams and outcomes. Also they give a good chance to follow and participate in eSports event.

Here ASURA-coin expects users’ beneficial side. They expect users to getting experience and their productivity; special in regards to betting and wagering. When talk about ASURA-coin eSports betting there are two types of discontinuous facts from traditional eSports betting. They are unique betting rules and community-voted bets. In unique betting rules they allow to more eSports-focused and gamestyle-focused parts. Like wise in community-voted system, members can suggest their own ideas. So we can understand about ASURA-coin as a great platform that listens to the community and they always consider about others’ ideas.

Everyone likes to have fun by playing games. They do not want always pay their attention to watching and betting. That’s why ASURA-coin began Community Matching. Here users can build up their skills well and ASURA-coin has given an opportunity for winners to get more benefits. Also in this matter they always do their activities very fair and selfless. They try to identify many issues in this process and hope to provide full results about those issues and all. Although it is difficult to do for small tournament they do it digitally. ASURA-coin will identify the problematic sides of small tournament organizers. As well as they have options to upgrade those tournaments. Also they expect only a small hosting fee in ASA coins at the end of the 48 hour tournament.

There are many ways for ASURA-coin members can spend and earn ASA coins. So they have chance to spend ASA coins by betting, participated in hosted tournaments, participating at ASURA tournaments, hosting their own tournaments, reward other users, staking against other players in match making and community center features.
As well as members can earn money by wining said bets, winning said hosted tournaments and ASURA tournaments, hosting their own tournaments, creating Quality Coaching content, contributing to the community and wining Matchmaking and participate in monthly ASURA-coin events in the community center.

As well as ASURA-coin will be built on the NEO network and powered by the ASA Coin, an NEP-5 token. It is a fast, safe and easily-accessible route for users to transfer and store tokens. It has a so many rules integrated in to the blockchain . NEO is a biockchain platform and cryptocurrency designed to build a scalable network of decentralized applications. The base catch of the NEO token that generates GAS tokens that can be used to pay for transaction fees generated by applications on the networks. Types of the NEO are feature contracts, validation contracts and app contracts.

Today in the rapid growth of the eSports industry, the ASURA-coin has achieved a great place. As well as it becomes a very secure and effective platform in the industry. They always think about others and invites for all to get excellent experiences about gaming with updated knowledge. Similarly can perform their skills and have fun by this platform. For more information about ASURA-coin you can access the following links.







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