GameStars – a Multifunctional Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform.

Game Stars project aims to create a complex cybersport market infrastructure. The platform is based on the blockchain technology, solves existing problem of eSports and is beneficial for all users.

The Future Of The eSport Industry The eSport is blasting the gaming market. Electronic sport transforms online gaming into a real competition between players where real judges and audience are presented.

Blосkсhain has become a real mainstream. No surprise that industries are evolving using this technology. The eSport market is not an exception.

The GameStars team has made a deep analysis of the eSport market and came up with the idea of the platform that can solve the existing problems.

In 2018, the global audience of e-sports is expected to reach 380.2 million people. The number of e-sports fans will make 165 million, and it will continue to grow by +15.6% annually, and by 2021 this figure will reach 250 million. The number of occasional viewers will reach 215.2 million in 2018 and will continue to grow by +14.0% annually, having passed the mark of 300 million by 2021.

The number of people who are aware of the e-sports phenomenon will reach the mark of 1.6 billion in 2018. The largest increase of 468.3 million is expected in China. Growing publicity of e-sports as the main engine in the entertainment industry leads to an increase in awareness in most regions.

The emergence of new and popular gaming franchises, such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, is also a major growth factor throughout the world. The influx of young generations who view cybersports as a natural development, will further facilitate increases in the industry audience.


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