Spotcoin, We Make Digital Currencies Work for Everyone

We can identify Spotcoin as a company specializing in transactions between crypto currency and enactment. It helps to turn away the gap between legacy financial markets and emerging digital assert ecosystems. It was built in Georgia. Spotcoin was founded to meet the increasing demand for rapid digital to fiat currency trading with launch of their over-the-counter marketplace. Spotcoin processed over 1M per month in trades just two month after its November 2016 launch. also the company cleared over 5M in trades by the end of its second quarter in operation.

While Spotcoin is achieve powerful working experience and relationship with many regional governments, posting the company to launch its blockchain Institute, they are developing a complete digital asset management toolkit. As a market leader in Black Sea Region conducting over $1M in OTC trade volume in 2017 Spotcoin is already part of the smart economy having matured.  Also they serve institutional investors, merchants, miners, professional and retail traders.

Spotcoin is rising $30M through their token sale and will began distributing spot coin tokens by July 2018. The total supply of spot coin is ninety-nine million tokens, thirty-three million are reserved for the team, sixty-six million will be sold and unsold token will be burn.

They think about prompt  transformation of digital marketplaces and its countless use cases for blockchain technologies. To provide digital to fiat currency trading services for clients worldwide, Spotcoin’s OTC marketplace was established in November 2016. The fragmented global OTC marketplace for digital currency trading is estimated to be greater than $10B per year. The four main crypto currencies that will be used for trading pairs are ETH, BTC, GAS, and SIB.

Spotcoin was founded upon the core values of responsibility, integrity and trust. As well as they serve institutional investors, merchants, miners and professional and retail traders. So Spotcoin has designed $3.25M facility utilizing hydroelectric power scalable up to 25MW. Their new facility will house 4,500 GPU miners.

Spotcoin is excited about NEO’s vision and is directly allocating company resources to support NEO’s goal of 100,000. Transaction per second by 2020.Neo’s aim is create a distributed network “smart Economy” and an open source, non-profit, community-backed blockchain token platform. The spotcore mechanism will completely integrate each component of Spotcoin’s toolkit.

Also Spotcoin is establishing the Black Sea blockchain institute to fulfill three function to help the region keep peace with baneful affects of broad ledger technologies. They are Education, Research and Innovation. There is a very secure payment widget, an API and app-based digital wallets. There will be projects that are selected by community members, and then the institute will provide resources and accreted development. So I believe this is a great project and it opens new opportunities for community to know many facts about blockchain and successful project. For more details check out the links below.

Spotcoin ICO Details:

• Token name: (SPOT) Spot coin token

• The full amount of tokens issued: 99 Million

• The full amount of tokens available for sale: 66 Million

• Token cost – one SPOT = 0.50 USD

• Private sale start date: 10th April 2018

• ICO start date: 1st May 2018

• ICO end date: 1st June 2018

• Soft cap: 5 Million USD

• Hard cap: 30 Million USD

• Website:

• Whitepaper:

• Twitter:

• Facebook:

• Telegram:


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