The First Decentralized Blockchain Based VR Platform for 100 % Anonymous

VR OKO is a virtual reality headset specifically designed for viewing interactive adult video content. It allows viewers to experience virtual reality as if they were in the real world: to immerse themselves in events and control the angle, zoom, viewpoints etc.

Switching to a new video playback format. In the last two years, the number of search requests related to VR porno has increased by 9,900% (according to official statistics from Google). The monthly growth in the audience of VR movies for adults is 250-300%. Deliveries of VR headsets will multiply by 10 by 2020, according to predictions by VR HMD (Head Mounted Display) market researchers at the Juniper Research company. By 2020, the VR pornography market will be worth $1 billion per year.

The platform offers its users the opportunity to become part of the blockchain-managed decentralized pornographic market; to take part in a new evolutionary stage of a powerful and extremely stable industry; to contribute personally to the creation of an independent and secure platform with a multitude of interactive services, a pornographic VR video library and the largest adult sales platform in the world. For all users, this blockchain-built platform offers the opportunity to publish their own content based on the principles of the P2P technology. It also gives them the ability to absolutely safely and anonymously invest in new projects on the pornographic market and get royalties from them in the future. It doesn’t matter how many OKOINs a user has: one or ten million. Each user gets the opportunity to make profitable investments in the most stable and high-turnover ‘adult business’.

The ОКО platform is a groundbreaking project for a huge industry that distributes the valueit creates among those participating in the ecosystem. The ОКО platform is a global project, and we’re looking for partners all over the world.

Meeting with a partner from India @AgrawalVishesh It’s important for us to receive feedback from any of our investors and partners. We presented our project in detail, discussed the perspectives of its development and just have a great time with our dear friend Vishesh. Pefrect!


During the ICO, any person can become an investor in the OKO VR platform.Goal:

80 000 000 $

ICO start date: December 14, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT

ICO end: April 25, 2018

The maximum amount of OKOINs issued will be equal to 240 000 000 tokens. The number of OKOINs is limited, and additional OKOINs cannot be issued.

OKOINs are a utilitarian token of the platform and are not considered currency in accordance with the SEC definition.

The cost of 1 (one) OKOIN during the ICO will be equivalent to.

The minimum purchase volume is 1 (one) token.

The maximum purchase volume is 350,000 (three hundred fifty thousand) tokens.

The initial cost of an OKOIN will increase as the crowdsale progresses. This unlocks additional opportunities for investors that decide to purchase tokens at the earliest stages.

35% of the total number of tokens released are put up for sale (automatic distribution); 15% is given to the team as a reward; another 15% is given to partners; 25% is used to stimulate the ecosystem (for distribution among users for activity on the platform); 4% goes on the bounty program; 2% goes on token sale covering; 4% is saved for the platform.

Every investor (token holder) automatically participates in the OKO platform Loyalty Program (to be fully published on the platform no later than Aug 1, 2018). A participation condition is having tokens in your wallet by Jan 14, 2018. Unsold tokens are transferred to the platform for use in the Loyalty Program.

OKOIN tokens will also be placed on cryptocurrency exchanges for free circulation. This means that it will be possible to additionally purchase, buy/sell and trade these tokens on a secondary market.

Accepted currencies: ETH

Platform: ETHERIUM

Exchange listings: end of ICO+6 days

Intended use

Funds collected as part of the ICO will be invested in expanding manufacturing of the VR OKO virtual reality headset and scaling up sales in new markets, along with developing and promoting the decentralized OKO platform (including the integration of artificial intelligence technology),

aunching the first ever adult goods marketplace with VR INTIMTECH technologies, producing content, developing new premium services and products on the platform, marketing, and supporting OKO platform users.

The platform will have a positive influence on the pornography market on a global scale. Income from the ICO will help to quickly create a full-fledged project and a global community that supports the tokenization of one of the largest and most stable markets in the world.

Implementation stages:

December 2017—January 2018 — ICO (December 14, 2017 — January 14, 2018)

January 2018 — Scaling up virtual reality VR OKO headset sales in new markets.

Yearly sales plan: 900,000 devices

April 2018 — Launch of OKO platform and OKO FILM video library in test mode

December 2018 — Start of VR CHAT operation on the OKO platform

January 2019 — Begin OKO platform operation as planned

May 2019 — Launch of adult goods marketplace INTIMTECH on OKO platform

Marketing and advertising

The project’s target audience is a third of the earth’s population. 35% of all downloads and 30% of total Internet traffic relates to pornography, and over 1/3 of men watch it every day. In terms of audience capture, pornography sites are on the same level as the most frequently visited platforms of general categories. The total income of the porn and adult goods market in 2016 amounted to $127 billion. In the USA, this industry earns more revenue than such giants as the NBA, NFL, Google, Amazon and many other serious businesses. In Britain, pornographic resources are more popular than the mass media and online stores. We’re placing a special focus on promoting the project among the audience outside of the blockchain industry. And we’re certain that the time has come when the blockchain will begin to exert influence on the pornography market. We believe it will provide a large group of the public with the main concepts and mechanisms of decentralization and collective management using DAO mechanisms.


We do not rule out the possibility of an information or technical attack on our project before/ during/after the ICO. Not all the global participants of this industry and country support the idea of decentralizing the pornographic market. We have no doubts in the full and successful realization of this project. We are reliant on millions of like-minded people from all over the world and we are convinced that freedom and decentralized control in this industry will bring the entire ecosystem massive dividends and growth. An attempt to stop this process will be just as futile as an attempt to disconnect the entire world from the Internet.








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