Kora. An Infrastructure for Inclusive, Community Owned Financial Systems

What is Kora

The Kora Network is expected to provide a low cost, financial services platform for all.We aim to free the trapped capital, intellect, and creativity of the long tail through self sustaining, community-owned ecosystems.

Vision of Kora:

Kora is also a project of hope for billions of people who are underserved by the current financial system.While there has been progress toward financial inclusion, an estimated 2 billion adults worldwide don’t have a basic account.Barriers to account-opening include distance from a financial service provider, lack of necessary documentation papers, and lack of trust in financial service providers. We believe existing platforms fail to address users’ lack of access to electricity, the Internet, or capital to afford a smartphone as well as lack of understanding around technology and finance. As a result, we estimate that billions of people cannot grow and accumulate wealth, causing a humanitarian and economic crisis that leaves out a third of the world’s potential for value creation.

Token Design

Kora is designed as a standard utility token, based on the ERC-20 standard.As a closed ecosystem

Key ICO Information:

Pre-Sale : $4 Million Sold Out

Public Sale : $20 Million starts at 20% Discount

Public Sale Dates : 23rd April 12 pm UTC – 21st May 12 pm UTC

Token Supply : 755,007,338

Tokens For Sale : 339,753,302

1 KNT = $0.10

Payment Method : BTC & ETH

Our Team:

Dickson Nsofor (CEO & Co-founder) –https://www.linkedin.com/in/dickson-nsofor-90039449/

Maomao Hu (COO & Co-founder)-https://www.linkedin.com/in/maomaohu/

Oleh Ostroverkh (Chief Blockchain Architect)https://www.linkedin.com/in/oleh-ostroverkh-089a358/

Dan Buckley (CFO)https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-b-01736145/

Other Team Members


Important Links:

ICO Website: https://kora.network/index.html

Whitepaper     https://kora.network/index.html#whitepaper

Facebook         https://www.facebook.com/thekoranetwork

Twitter          https://twitter.com/Kora_Network


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